So yesterday saw Chantelle finally finishing up at that kakhole of a place known as Sunbell Guest Lodge, not on the best of terms as it would be, but now finally free from the owner’s tyrannical grasp. This means of course that she’s going to stay at my place for the next couple of days until she starts her new job in – Gordons Bay – on Monday (which meant that I’ve spent quite a lot of time making sure the place is at least more neat and tidy than normal :| )

Buena VistaLast night saw us head out to Buena Vista Social Cafe and Cigar Lounge in Tygervalley Waterfront, to meet up with one of her friends that she hasn’t seen in almost a year. I got dragged along because that’s what couples do – they drag each other along (not be the hair though, unless of course you are into that kind of thing). It is one of these trendy, upmarket Cuban-vibe places that features an authentic Cuban cuisine dining experience, served up with a variety of cocktails, all of which is seeped in the laidback Havana atmosphere.

Putting our rather busy waiters ridiculous (but trendy I guess) hat aside, the food wasn’t at all bad. We started out with a giant Nachos platter, drenched in cheese, guacamole and sour cream, following it up with a light meal just to make sure there wasn’t any space left in our stomaches. Well the beer was doing a great job of that anyway, but the food was rather tasty, my choice being some kind of skewered spicy chicken blocks with fried dates wrapped in thin slivers of bacon, all in a deliciously (sour) cheese-like sauce. Don’t ask me for the name, I don’t remember. Stupid Spanish (or whatever they speak there) menu item names.

I’m sure Chantelle and her friend must have had an okay get together, because quite frankly, I wasn’t paying attention to their chatter. Instead, her husband and I set about talking about more important computing matters, particularly because he is a developer and current general manager at Mxit, meaning I got to learn a couple of interesting things about Mxit, how it operates, the technology behind it, and what problems and developments it faces in the future :)

And the fact that I have some inside knowledge of how Vodacom operates thanks to my ex’s dad being Vodacom’s network director, Paul and myself got along just fine. In fact, it was only when the girls forcefully interrupted our conversation to highlight the fact that they had polished off all the nachos, did we rejoin the table’s conversation.

All in all it was a very pleasant evening out, even if Chantelle is currently as sick as a dog and forbade me from telling any stupid jokes :(

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