hugenote monument in franschhoekTo be honest, my weekend started on Thursday night already, thanks to the fact that I took Friday off to maximize my last weekend with Chantelle before she heads off to work in Gordons Bay on Monday.

Thursday night was in fact the first time that we could go out together at a normal hour ever, and seeing as we hadnt seen a movie for a while, it was decided that this was how we were going to spend our first off night together. Our destination: Cape Gate. Our target: Evan Almighty (Hairspray just, just lost out). Our distraction: Calamari King. The food was good, the movie was good, our time together was good. Enough said.

We slept in on Friday morning, lazing about the flat before Chantelle departed for home to start packing and I got on with the important task of clocking Evil Dead and progressing further in Ghost Hunter. Both of these goals I achieved, even managing to throw in some Commerce IT work and finish the washing as well. Late afternoon I joined Chantelle for a bit of a shopping trip (not that I shopped with her for long I quickly chickened out of the clothing shops and opted to hang out in Musica instead, even listening to a Meatloaf album. I’m sorry that I bothered. Listening to Meatloaf that is).

Evening approached and we joined Chantelles parents at the Silver Spur to celebrate her moms birthday with them. More food for me again, good company and the Rugby World Cup ceremony on the restaurant televisions made for an enjoyable evening out. However Spur was quickly forgotten once the France vs. Argentina game kicked off, and we scurried back to her dads place to veg out and watch the Pumas grind out a satisfying victory against the snail-eating French (made even more enjoyable by the fact that France are the World Cup hosts this time around!).

Saturday was even more productive than Friday, with us travelling through with all of Chantelles stuff and setting her up in her shared apartment in Gordons Bay. I was tasked with putting up her curtain rail, an easy enough job if you have the right tools. Which in this case I didnt. Turns out that I don’t actually own any masonry drill bits in my admittedly paltry tool collection which makes it rather hard to get through a solid cement wall. After a long time of cursing and generally destroying the wall (and requiring a tetanus shot after being bit in the arse by a ravenous Chantelle), I admitted defeat and sheepishly went over to borrow the correct drill bits from the guesthouse owner. Luckily he had just what I needed in stock, and the job flowed smoothly from then onwards (I’m quite proud of my work actually normally I use sticky tape and prestick to fix everything).

Not that that was the only thing that flowed smoothly Saturday afternoon. Andrea, Chantelles boss and new roommate, was on hand while we moved in. She offered us some white wine (a delicious Deetlefs blend) which acted a little bit more actively on us than what it should have. For some strange reason this wine hit us and hit us hard, leaving a slightly sozzled Chantelle and Craig trying to finish up the big move. It is not easy carrying a little cupboard and stepping over a vacuum cleaners pipe at the same time, especially when one isnt quite nugter, believe you me :) (In my defence, I polished off a couple of glasses of red as well, but still, I cant believe that the first glass of white hit us so hard I must definitely source it and feed it to Chantelle again!)

Rather dizzy, and more than a little nauseous, we finally ended back in Bellville, only to stop off to raid Steers and then collapse on the bed to sleep for an hour so that we could get back to normal. From then on it was a quick lesson in playing Fifa for Chantelle, before getting back into the car and heading out to Kennilworth to spend the evening with Retha and her roommate. (Again I stuffed my poor stomache, this time on rather delicious milk tart!)

Sunday was an equally busy affair. Sunday morning saw us head out to Tableview for Church, from there an enjoyable visit with my parents in Bellville, then on to Franschoek for pizza at Col Cucchios (even stopping to make out in front of the French Hugenout monument :} and retrieve chocolate from the famous Hugenout chocolate shop), back to Bellville to watch the SA rugby game with Andri and Malcolm, and finally shooting off to Chantelles place to get together her final belongings in preparation for Gordons Bay departure.

*Whew* I’m exhausted just from typing all that out!

Anyway, evening has come, Chantelle had left for her new life in Gordons Bay and I’m typing this up because I feel guilty for not posting anything on Friday. Looking back at it all, it certainly has been a great weekend and Chantelle and I really made the most of our 3 month anniversary weekend together.

So for the last time today, happy 3 month anniversary babe! *kiss*