Beat Down   Fists of VengeanceLast night saw Merkaba and Ryan descend upon my flat for one of our not-quite-so regular Fifa 07 challenge nights. And my goodness did I get a kick in the pants. I only managed to win a single game last night, with the dynamic duo of Merkaba and Ryan completely outclassing me. And I could only use the excuse that the GhostPops were distracting me while they lasted (which was obviously not very long). If only Karl hadnt been off collecting goat sperm or who knows what, I could have pinned the blame on him :)

And they werent just small losses either. Apart from the only 1-1 draw we had, most of my losses were easily by a margin of two goals or more :( Looks like Ill have to put some extra practice in now. (Taking Ryan on as a partner for a single game didnt help my cause either. Merkaba proceeded to blast us into the back of our net as well).

Eventually Merkaba decided enough is enough, and out of pity went home, leaving Ryan and myself to pick a new poison. We settled on Beatdown: Fists of Vengeance and I began the process of literally beating the crap out of him. The clear winner of the fights, I shot myself in the foot by suggesting that Ryan plays one last round with me when he wanted to leave allowing him to pull a knife on me and take the final match-up.

Still, it was an enjoyable evening of game playing, even if it did take a slight back seat to all the rugby talk. I’m just hoping I can up my game for the next round though – or at least pick a game the two of them suck at, like Dance Dance Revolution ;)