Schalk BurgerDamn. So the vitally important Schalk Burger has been handed a four match ban, effectively ruling him out until the sem-final stage should South Africa make it that far. The South African rugby camp had been pretty confident that he would be cleared, with everyone involved stating that it was pretty obvious that Schalk had gone for the ball and not the man.

(In case you arent following me, the incident happened right after a kick-off when both Schalk and Junior Polu, the Samoan scrum half, jumped up to try and retrieve the ball. Polu obviously came the worse off following the crash)

Unfortunately the committee didnt share the South Africans view, and went ahead and banned him anyway. Not that he was the only one being punished mind you. Englands captain, Phil Vickery, was handed a two match ban for kicking the American centre Paul Emerick. Emerick however was basically kicked out of the tournament, thanks to the five match ban he got for his spear tackle on England fly half Olly Barkley.

SA says they will appeal the decision, but things don’t look all that bright for the Incredible Schalk. The only thing that pisses me off is that Brian Lima escaped the eye of the IRB completely – he should have received as much time as Emerick for that ridiculous no hands, flying high tackle he used to try and decapitate Andre Pretorious. He literally knocked himself out, such was the brutality of his tackle.

I ask you, how in the world could this one go uncited? Conspiracy theory time!