So another short day at work yesterday for me, but not for an enjoyable reason this time though. Aunt Sophie, my grans brothers wife passed away over the weekend at the ripe old age of 76, after battling debilitating illness for quite some time now. The funeral was scheduled for yesterday morning at 11:00, at the Kuilsriver Community Church. Kyle agreed to let me attend and I hit the road, managing to actually find the place without too much difficulty (pops and Claire on the other hand managed to get lost).

The service was moving and well presented, and I’m sure Auntie Sophie would have been proud of her family. Obviously our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

And as with all weddings and funerals, a lot of family who I haven’t seen in quite some time travelled to make the funeral. It was good to catch up with some of the people that I literally haven’t seen in years. (I even managed to make a poephol of myself, by completely forgetting that Laughlin has two children instead of one and she’s two and a half years old already!)

But the funniest, most embarrassing event for me of the day, had to be Aunt Thelma’s slip up after the service. I had been outside, chatting with Claire and Laughlin and admiring her new car. (The Polo looks mean, sporty and very powerful, and the black definitely works in its favour. I just don’t like the stretched doors thanks to it being a two door model). Anyway, on our way back inside the church, we spotted Auntie Thelma from Sedgefield. We’ve known them for years and spent a lot of time with them when we used to go on holiday to our gran and grandpa in Sedgefield back when we were kids. Having not seen them for ages, we headed off to say hi.

Auntie Thelma immediately recognised Claire and started chatting with her. After a little while, she turned to me standing by Claire’s side, looked at me, and then turned back to Claire, asking her if this was her fiance.

She wasn’t joking.

“No Auntie Thelma, I’m Craig. Claires brother, remember?”

“Really? What happened, you used to be so thin!?!”


And then to make it even more embarrassing, her husband, Uncle Louis joined us. Before he could say a word, Auntie Thelma promptly informed him that I was in fact Craig. First thing he did: Traced a large stomach with his hands in the air and asked: What happened?

*sigh* Of course the rest of my family found this completely hilarious. I’ve dug around and pulled an old picture of me from 2004. I guess if I look at it, I can see their point :(

EPSON DSC picture