Squash Racquet   white backgroundAaaargh! This is so fucking frustrating!! It has been two months since I was sidelined from karate and court sports thanks to the knee injury I picked up in my last fighting tournament, and three months since I last played squash (thanks blog for helping me confirm these facts).

In any event, I have been slowly getting back into training, doing a lot of jogging at gym after work. My knee seems to hold up just fine and so I thought that it is about time I get back into the saddle so to speak. I tried going back to badminton on August the 17th already, but that ended in miserable failure. This time however I felt it would be different.

So I set up a squash game with Karl for later this morning and decided to meet up with Ryan and Pops for a couple of warm up games early this morning.

The first game went okay, I didnt push for the ball and my knee held up okay. I got pissed off at Ryan though during our opening game. We play very passive games, not aggressive at all. We don’t hit each other on purpose or play anything like that. An earlier point saw me pull out of a shot because Ryan was in the path of the ball on his return shot. I asked for a Let which is how we always do things, no problem. A little later however, I made the same mistake as him, and instead of pulling out of the shot, he purposefully played at it, striking me on the little bony part that sticks out of the Tibia (?) just above the ankle. It wasnt a hard hit, but it was completely unnecessary. I would have given him the point or the Let if he had just asked for it. Instead, he said he had to hit at the ball to indicate that he would have played it. Very unsportsmanlike of him I thought. (For the record I lost the game 9-5).

But it all went pear shaped in the second game I’m afraid. Pops and I were playing a relaxed game, making a lot of unforced errors between the two of us. However, pops dropped a ball short down the line which I chased after from the back of the court. And as I reached down to play the ball, my knee slid to the side and I went down like a sack of potatoes in agony. (Not that I’ve ever seen potatoes in agony even if you boil them alive, they don’t seem to scream out)

So much for being ready then. It seems that it is impossible for my injured knee to support my weight when running in at a low body angle which is used in any court/racquet game. I’ve had to cancel my squash with Karl, and I guess it is off to go buy that damn knee brace for myself.