FIFA 2006Last night saw us for the first time manage to organise a foursome FIFA night, with Karl finally breaking free of his goat love triangle (see picture here) and joining us for the evening.

Of course Merkaba, on hearing that Karl was joining us I think, decided to come down with a migraine instead of earning one while playing games, leaving us back in the same old 3 man game-playing boat as always. So no GhostPops for a change, but plenty of other chips and drink – all of which were quickly polished off, particularly by the odd man out during any of the game play.

Seeing as Karl is currently learning FIFA via FIFA 2001, we need to get him up to speed a little, so last night was pretty much training night, with Ryan and me taking turns to play against him, using our slightly outdated copy of FIFA 06.

Pleasingly enough, Mr Storbeck showed plenty of potential, and hopefully the next time we should be able to have a decent four man gaming session, should Mr Merkaba decide to pitch (or kick if that is the better word in this soccer context).

After Mr Storbeck finally left (the chips were finished), Ryan and I sat down for a quick game of NBA live. I think I played with the Phoenix Suns while he took the Mavericks. It was a pretty tightly contested affair, with him eventually losing by six points but grumbling very heavily over my tactics. He complained that I began countering his intentional fouls by using the intentional foul button as well. I don’t know what the problem is – if he wont let me make any 3 pointers, why on earth would I let him make them?

Sour grapes if you ask me :P