Why do I blog? General Nonsense 19 SEP 2007

Writing HandWhy do most other people blog? I don’t know. But I do know why I started and have continued with my blog over these last couple of months. And not just continued, I’m pretty active on this platform, usually putting in two or three postings a day, apart from weekends when I’m usually not in front of a PC screen.

But why so much? What are you doing?

Well, in my case, this blog acts as an offline memory module for me. It is basically my diary, recording important events and experiences in my life as time goes past. Unfortunately I have a very poor memory and I’m afraid things just don’t stick anymore. Its sad and very frustrating for me, and in a way, this is how I fight against forgetting everything I do and enjoy.

Thats why I don’t blog for other peoples enjoyment. I blog because it means something to me.

And it will stay that way for as long as I remember how to operate a PC. Probably. Or until I find something more distracting, like McDonalds McMuffins.

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Software developer, husband and dad to two young ladies. Writer behind An Exploring South African. I don't have time for myself any more.