So thanks to the fact that I had leftovers from our supper at Starlights on Tuesday evening for supper last night, I was forced to trudge out to Tygervalley and finally get around to purchasing my new microwave. I’ve thrown out the old busted one a while ago, but have been somewhat lazy in getting around to purchase the new one. But now that I was bitten in the leg to get it, I finally did it.

LG Microwave grill MB4344BS

Headed off to Game, picked the first microwave I liked (happened to be the little 26 litre LG microwave/grill combo I’ve mentioned before in this blog), dumped it into my trolley, paid and left. Nice surprise, the model I just purchased happened to be going on special today, so they gave it to me at the special price, saving me a couple of hundred bucks in the process.

So the new microwave is in, but it looks like I cant heat up my dinner and sit down to watch my anime just yet. As reported earlier, the AV out on my DVD system seems to be faulty. So I spent last night unwiring the thing, opening it up and seeing if I could spot the problem. No such luck, meaning I now need to get the damn thing repaired.

Oh and just as I had surmised, the warranty for the machine did in fact end two weeks ago! Go figure, they build them to go bust. Bastards.

Luckily I took out Games extended warranty option when I originally purchased it, so hopefully that will cover me. Just got to light a fire under myself so that I eventually give them a call and find out the necessary procedures.

The fact that I just purchased Yakuza online from Take2 might help. Ill want my Dolby surround sound capabilities returned to my flat before it arrives!