Butterfly World 3So a long weekend was the name of the game, and what an enjoyable, but busy, long weekend I had. I worked a full day on Friday for a change, working nice and hard to ensure that I finished everything I needed to do to make sure that I wouldn’t worry about it over the weekend.

The evening saw me head off to Gordons Bay, carefully following the nifty little map that Chantelle had prepared for me lest I got lost. The plan was to join up with Chantelle who was enjoying her scheduled weekend off from work for a change. We went out for supper at Bertie’s Landing, where I enjoyed some delicious fish and chips while watching the French take on the Irish in a Rugby World Cup clash. After that, Chantelle and I spent much of the night chatting, snacking and drinking on the beach (which is literally right across their flat) – was nice, apart for all the damn sand that seemed to get in everywhere!

Saturday, after only waking up fairly late in the morning, we spent much of the first couple of hours racing against each other in Burnout 3 (I had taken my PS2 along to Gordons Bay – just in case, you never know :}). After I convincingly beat her at the game, I made up for it by treating her to lunch at Tallas Tavern (a good choice because I wanted to catch the South African game against Tonga, thus killing two birds with one stone. Sneaky, I know). We had some great food and thank goodness South Africa pulled off the (somewhat unconvincing) victory in the end as well, much to the delight of all the bar patrons.

From there we raced straight through to Cape Town to meet up with Ryan, Merkaba and my folks at Newlands stadium for the crunch Western Province versus the Cheetahs rugby match. A small crowd, but a great atmosphere made for a memorable game, made all the sweeter by Provinces impressive showing (and victory) against the favoured Cheetahs.

Hoarsely saying our goodbyes, we then shot off to Cape Gate to catch Disturbia at the Ster Kinekor cinema theater there – what a crappy movie! Neither of us walked out of the cinema quite satisfied :(

Anyway, we spent the evening at my flat and early Sunday morning saw us head out to Butterfly World (on the way to Paarl if you must know). What an enjoyable place to visit. While the grey and gloomy weather kept most of the butterflies pretty docile at first, when the little bit of sunshine did eventually shine through, the whole enclosure simply came alive with spectacular bursts of life and colour. The venue also boasts a small variety of snakes, iguanas, monkeys and even spiders, making for a really great and educational outing. Hats off to a great family entertainment venue!

The – afternoon saw us at Chantelles moms place for a delicious Weber chicken lunch, leaving us quite stuffed and in genuine need of an afternoon nap – which we did of course take :) Unfortunately, that did mean us cancelling our planned viewing of Ratouille early in the evening, but the lekker snooze more than made up for it. (I was however subjected to a grueling hour and a half of Idols on MNET, much to my horror. Luckily I managed to survive, but only just!)

That pretty much saw the end of the weekend for us, and we headed off back to Gordons Bay for some well deserved rest. I’ve got to hand it to her though, even though we slept in a little later than originally planning on Monday morning, Chantelle still managed to finish up for work in time. So we said our goodbyes and it was off to work for her and back to Bellville for me.

The rest of today was then pretty much spent washing my car, braaing with my folks at their place and playing copious amounts of Burnout (which for some strange reason I’ve all of a sudden developed a burning desire to play again. Strange, I know).

So yeah, looking back at everything I managed to pack into this weekend, I can safely say that it was yet again another good one :)

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