Angry ManI had a rather funny start to the morning, but then things went kind of downhill from there. Now my only hope lies in a good muffin, some Black Lagoon anime and a visit from my bokkie later this evening.

I had dilly-dallied about yesterday, faffing about the flat, watching anime, playing games and even working out a little, meaning that I went to bed with a couple of things I still needed to do in the morning. So I set my alarm super early for 05:00 and went to sleep.

Not entirely unexpected, the alarm did in fact go off at 05:00 this morning. Not entirely unexpected either, I reached out, pulled the phone towards me, switched off the alarm and promptly went back to bed.

Only to be woken up by a frantic-toned SMS around 05:30 from Chantelle, asking if I was okay and why I wasnt saying anything over the phone to her. Slightly bewildered, I (through sleep encrusted eyes) checked for my phone (this was prior to actually reading the SMS in case you are wondering about the chronological order of events), and eventually located it underneath me.

Ah ha! I had managed to turn off the alarm, drop the phone on my bed, roll on top of it in my sleep and press the quick dial button to Chantelle, all while blissfully flitting around in slumber land. No wonder the poor woman was so distressed!

Thanks to my sleeping in, I reached the station a couple of minutes later than normal, only to find all the parking lots had been taken. Great. So now if you go to Bellville station, be careful to look out for a white Jetta propped on top of the pedestrian sidewalk, just next to the top level of parking bays. You may also find a parking ticket stuck to the window, but I’m hoping that is not the case.

However, my luck seemed to have changed when I was gifted a seat on the train a rare morning occurrence these days, believe me! I happily dozed off, only to wake a little while later by some moron with no sense of personal space whatsoever. He didnt get the hint that leaning on me while standing next to my seat is unacceptable, so I eventually gave in and shifted my weight, accidentally elbowing him hard in the thigh by mistake. Was fun.

And as further proof to my rather foul or rather vindictive mood this morning, some guy pushed in front of me as we entered the ticket control barriers at Salt River station. Not wanted to cause a scene, I put a foot out and tripped the fellow as he rudely shoved in front of me. That was fun too.

The day at work didnt start out all that great either. Kyle asked me to try and blow up a very, very small image to viewable dimensions because he needed to read the serial numbers off the page – which any one that works with graphics will tell you is virtually impossible. Secondly, my quick meeting with the people from the ICIS conference bid turned into an hour and a half slog fest, with me having to sit there and make live edits to the site while they squabbled over word usage. Makes me wonder why I ever became a web designer in the first place.

Thank goodness it is now foraging time, so I am going to set off hunting for food that will inevitably make my day seem bright and breezy, because I am GOING TO have a CHOCOLATE CHIP muffin. The muffin man had better not let me down!

Edit: sigh, he only had banana muffins. Thank goodness they go down equally as well, especially when helped out by a steaming cup of Hot Chocolate

A couple of hours later edit: oopsie, my violent streak is really coming out today. I just viciously elbowed Chris for reading out the subtitles of my anime out aloud to annoy me. Thank goodness I struck him straight on the bone, but it really was instinctive. Hmm, maybe I should stay away from people today :(