ThiefSo today Yaseen, formerly a member of our team here at Commerce I.T, was served with his suspension papers and kicked out of the office. The bugger had been employed as the full time staff helpdesk assistant and had manned the helpdesk down in the Alumni computer lab.

A likeable (though sometimes seemingly dopey) fellow, Yaseen got on pretty well with most of us here at the office. There were a few warning signs which we didnt pay heed to, his penchant for lying a good one I guess, but in the end it didnt matter.

He was stopped on Saturday morning by the Campus Protection Services, leaving the building with a PC under his arm. They didnt believe his lies, searched him and came across his real identity thanks to his staff card on his person. They also stripped his keys off him.

Turns out he was stealing old machines out of our storeroom and selling them on the side. Its a pity the moron didnt think far ahead enough to file the UCT serial and barcode numbers off the machines he was selling.

Perhaps sometimes crime does pay, but most of the time it all it earns you is a bum reputation and a rap sheet.