This weekend is going to be Chantelle’s first full weekend on duty at the guesthouse, meaning that shell be working the late shift today, full day on Saturday and Sunday, and early shift on Monday morning. All which translates into her working and me goofing off this weekend (which translates even further into I probably wont be seeing much of her this weekend).

But she did have yesterday off, so she spent Wednesday and last night with me in Bellville. Wednesday evening was Ratatouille and last night I decided to treat her to a proper supper out for a change. She picked Durbanville’s Cattle Baron and off we went (a little later than planned, but I cant help it if Burnout was just so damn addictive she even managed to beat me in a couple of the Takedown races!)

cattle baron steak and chips

Having removed ourselves from the smoking section due to an unpleasant atmosphere (stupid extractor fan/aircon was just too damn noisy and the smoking section was quiet too quiet), we settled down in our new space and went on to have a thoroughly delectable dinner date.

While she had the gourmet type of food in a camembert cheese starter, followed by C (something French sounding that starts with C I don’t remember – which is basically a delicious fillet drowned in burning brandy) and washed down by some Red Wine, I on the other hand stuck to my plain old ways, settling for a Cheese and Garlic Roll for starters, a good old Castle Lager and a Cordon Bleu for main except they didnt have a Cordon Bleu and all their chicken products were finished for the night, meaning that I settled for a far less satisfying beef schnitzel in the end :(

Of course, her good taste in fine food made the (very) gay waiter pay far more attention to her than me (not that I’m complaining of course). We stayed well past their closing time (it felt like we were the last people there!) and it was a delightful evening out, with us leaving feeling nice and stuffed – always a good sign that the food was good.

So now that my eating out for the week is done, I guess it is back to some healthy eating over this weekend. It always helps when I don’t see Chantelle every time I’m with her I cant help but want to spoil her rotten (and honestly, who orders healthy food when eating out I want my chips damnit!)

Edit: Hmm boy looking over this entry now, it really does seem kind of pointless, doesnt it?