The latest addition to my CodeUnit Applications stable:

Silent HunterThe rise in illegal P2P applications on the UCT network is cause for alarm, especially when students start abusing the lab machines for their own purposes. Silent Hunter is an application that has been written to run in the background on a lab machine and kill any recognisable P2P application instance should it be started up.

Silent Hunter also logs all kills with the Commerce webserver, attempting to log time of instance, current Novell user as well as the process killed.

Note that it runs the check every 5 seconds.

The processes that Silent Hunter looks for are listed in the “ProcessList.txt” file located in the main application folder. An example of its contexts would be as follows:

PeerWeb DC++.exe

Note that you can extend the search by either prefixing or suffixing ‘*’ to the process name (Wildcard Character). This means that


would match on


Silent Hunter also reports it’s kill to the commerce webserver using the following URL: – Removed for privacy sake.

Note: Silent Hunter can be started with a display window by launching it like this

Silent Hunter.exe show


Silent Hunter.exe /show