FIFA 08Merkaba bought FIFA 08 a little while ago, but I’ve been a little too busy to test it out with him just yet. That changed last night though, as Merkaba rocked up at my place armed with FIFA 08 and the usual packet of GhostPops for an evening of furious FIFA. (Just a note Merkaba: GhostPops is getting boring. Bring something else with next time!)

Actually, furious isnt quite the word. It would seem that without Ryan getting riled up beside us, the gaming tends to take a more sedate, backseat for the evening. We spent most of the night chatting to be honest, snacking and drinking before finally pulling the disc out of the cover and popping it into the trusty old PS2.

Merkaba says that apart from improved AI, FIFA 08 plays pretty much identically to FIFA 07. Apart from a changed menu and a couple of new customization options (like customizable formations), you pretty much feel like you are playing FIFA 07 – which isnt a bad thing because with the introduction of ball physics in FIFA 07, FIFA finally moved out of the doldrums it had been wading in for so long.

Merkaba and I eventually squeezed out five games in the end. He won the first game, we drew two and I won two, leaving me the overall champ for the night – though according to him the buggy controller had a little to do with it. I on the other hand was a bit hindered by the slight change in control structure, where X has been replace by L1 to change players when off the ball.

Still, an enjoyable game and I look forward to our next couple of tourneys when we can coax Ryan and Karl out of their shells to join us.

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