SealantMy bath needed to be resealed thanks to a new notice from the flat’s controlling body stating that flat owners are now responsible for any damages incurred by tenants living beneath you due to water damage. It is a crappy job, made more the crappy because my DIY skills are not that up to scratch. I usually use sticky tape to solve my problems if you must know.

Anyway, I kind of started the job over a month ago, inching forward by doing a couple of centimetres every now and then whenever I felt like it – which wasn’t very often. However, last night I got so sick of all the stuff lying about my bathroom for so long now, that I decided to get the job done once and for all. So I whipped out the sealant and got to work.

I started off all neat and tidy like, but quickly became bored with the process, resulting in me speeding things up a bit. And when things started going wrong, they really went wrong. I managed to get sealant on my shirt, my hands, my tiles and even my hairy knees. Frustrated, I grabbed the tube, squished the lot out and finger-painted the remaining bits.

It might not be the neatest job ever, but at least it is sealed… as is the rest of my bathroom, the soles of my feet, my hands and both of my knees.

And I’m short a t-shirt.