A nice Winters morning for us here in Cape Town (and for most of South Africa judging by the weather report), complete with grey clouds and lots of rain. While this kind of atmosphere makes a great working environment for me personally, it certainly doesnt help my train trips much, and it was again the case today of me oversleeping on the way to work, missing Salt River and having to trek all the way to Cape Town before catching a train coming back this way. It is always funny how you seem to wake up exactly at the station you need to get off, have enough time to get out of your seat and rush to the door, only to have it lock in your face and the train slowly rumble out of the station with the rest of the passengers silently grinning at you. I can see those smirks people!

But I guess I shouldnt blame the weather entirely for this one. I was absolutely bushed last night for some reason, hitting the sack around 10:30 last night, which is very, very early for me. And I slept solidly let me tell you! Not that I ever sleep not solidly, mind you. Chantelle can certainly attest to this!

Tygervalley Banner

Actually I’m blaming my shopping excursion last night for this fatigue onset. I was rather annoyed that I currently only have one pants that actually fits me and I can wear without feeling like a woman in tights (tight I’m guessing) and said pants needed desperately to be washed. So gritting my teeth, I hit Tygervalley after work last night.

I hate shopping. I don’t like browsing and looking for stuff. I want to get in, get what I need and get out again, all in the shortest space of time possible. But clothing shopping isnt like that. You first need to find something you like the look of, then you need to find one of those in your size (which I don’t really know, meaning I need to take a spread of sizes off the shelf), then you need to fit the clothing, make choices on what to keep and what to return, and finally get dressed back into your old clothing and head off to make the purchase. Frustrating stuff. Especially because I needed a couple of more items of clothing than just the jeans.

On top of the clothing shopping that needed to be done, I offered to help Chantelle out by scanning through Tygervalley for a Samsung charger for her Samsung D900i phone (the charger was in the bag that was stolen if you are wondering why we need one) Can you believe that not a single store in Tygervalley has it currently in stock!?! Oh, and I had a whole lot of purchases I needed to make at Game and Pick n Pay as well as get a new set of flat keys cut.

After almost two hours at Tygervalley, I had enough, skipped the remaining items on my list that I still needed to get and ran out, clutching to my last threads of sanity as I bolted through the doors.

*sigh*, but that does mean I need to go back today to get the rest of the stuff and get the damn keys re-cut or altered or something. Damn things don’t want to work in the security gate, resulting in me being very nearly locked out of my flat whilst testing them!

I did at least manage to find a new pair of jeans for me just by the way. I like them, but they probably arent ones that my fashion consultant (Chantelle) would approve of.