Silent HunterHmm, seems the release of my Silent Hunter application has caused quite a stir amongst the students making use of P2P applications in the Commerce computer labs. So far 115 students have been nabbed and have had their student accounts disabled in this operation.

Although they argue, the fact is that they are using lab computers for non-academic purposes, something that is forbidden in the lab rules which they are forced to accept when logging on to a PC (If they don’t accept the rules they get automatically logged out, just in case you are wondering).

Of course, the first version of Silent Hunter that I had released was merely a proof of concept version which performed far beyond our expectations.

Obviously word has gone out and people are stopping using the labs for their filesharing activities. Of course the more computer savvy users circumvent Silent Hunter and are continuing business as usual but this will soon be dealt with. (Obviously I have updated Silent Hunter to a more complete solution now, capturing more data and pushing more complex searches, which unfortunately means it will leave them scratching their heads and just wondering what the hell hit them. Of course a lot of them know about this blog and my real identity already, so I’m not going to spill the beans here. Sorry about that people :D).

Worse news for them of course is that if Silent Hunter proves itself in the Commerce labs, then it will be rolled out to other labs on campus. Draconian I know, but unfortunately UCT is facing a huge bandwidth crisis and even though it is internal network traffic, the filesharing community is crippling the UCT network slowly but surely.

Look, I like the idea of filesharing as much as the next person, but this activity should be restricted to evening use only, so as not to impact on legitimate network users during the work day.

In any event, the names CodeUnit, Commerce IT and Craig Lotter are currently quite hated by those Commerce students in the wrong, but they can rest assured, I’ll probably go on making their lives difficult for quite a while longer :)

And I wonder why I hated faculty staff back when I was a student!