Marion JonesWell, well well. It is about time she admitted to the truth. Marion Jones, once the best female athlete in the world has finally admitted to using steroids after dodging the allegations for years now.

It is a terrible blow to her many fans who looked up to her and her achievements, who now have to deal with the fact that their hero lied to them all these years and was never as great as she appeared to be.

It is a sad fall of an icon, but justice is finally served.

(You can read more here)

And on that note, I hope that SARU bans the 17 year old rugby player for life, following his positive test during the Craven Rugby week. An example against drug/steroid abuse must be made. It is becoming silly the level of pressure being exerted on people at such a young age to perform.

(Again, you can get all the information here)

Whatever happened to sport for the fun of it?