Road CyclistShame, I got some bad news today via an unexpected phone call from Liz. It seems that being a part of the Engelbrecht blood line is a dangerous business. Her uncle Willie Engelbrecht (you might recognise the name – he was on of SAs top cyclists quite a few years ago) has been involved in numerous high speed accidents over the years, the latest of which involved an oversized golf buggy that overturned and crushed his leg, so badly that doctors wished to amputate. Thank goodness the man has an almost superhuman rate of recovery, but even so, hes pretty much bolted together nowadays.

Anyway, the bad news involves Lizs dad, Johan Engelbrecht (network director for Vodacom) who is as good a cyclist as his brother Willie. Johan has been seriously getting back into cycling, in both the road and off-road spheres. – I haven’t been around the family for quite a number of months now, but from what I’ve heard it has been going tremendously well with his cycling, so much so that he is riding every public race, both road and mountain bike, that is currently on the cycling circuit.

Johans competitive streak means he pushes hard and plays to win, and unfortunately luck was against him this weekend as he took part in a mountain bike challenge on a farm in Somerset West. It seems that he must have clipped a branch or a rock or something (Liz says details are quite sketchy because he doesnt really remember anything) that resulted in a huge fall, the impact of which was so hard that his helmet completely split off. He was rushed to ICU in the Somerset clinic where amongst other injuries, his entire left side is so badly damaged that it requires steel holding pins and his lungs are punctured thanks to the broken ribs he received.

Naturally this came as a huge shock to the system to Liz and her brother JD, but thankfully Johan has now been moved out of ICU and is currently high on morphine, watching the rugby with a beer in hand (don’t ask how he got it in the hospital :D).

Obviously my sincerest get well wishes and support goes out to Johan and the family. Get well soon man!