Conan The Cimmerian 20071009
Damn, last night turned out into more of a plastic burn evening than what I had expected it to be. The original plan that I had concocted in the morning involved me going to gym after work and then popping into Tygervalley after that to quickly pick up some CD-Rs and some of the cheap plain T-shirts that I found at Mr Price (Finally T-Shirts that fit me perfectly!).

However, the plan got slightly altered when my knee fatigued during the course of the day. I decided that instead of going to gym, I would rather work out with the weights at home to lesson the strain on my knee.

On the way to Tygervalley, I thought it would be nice to stop in at the brand new Figure Fanatix shop that had opened last week in the old Tyger Manor shopping centre area (in the exact same shop as my old work place, California Pizza Kitchen, used to operate from actually). Ryan had told me about this cool place that specialises in Action Figures and I always love browsing these toys, only because they used to be so rare in Cape Town.

Ryan was right; the shop is every action figure lovers dream. Tons of McFarlane and NECA toys, with a few other articles scattered about. I had a nice chat with the guy behind the counter, found out a lot of info and generally had a pleasant experience. However, it also signalled the start of my evening of Plastic Burn as I couldnt resist one figure in particular a gorgeous model of one of my favourite adventurers, Conan the Barbarian. It was going for a steal at R100, so I immediately picked it up, justified its purchase in my mind and gave it a new home (It now proudly stands guard over some of my PS2 and manga titles).

*sigh* I already know that I’m going back there over the weekend to get a second defender for the other side of the shelf :)

I decided to stroll over to Tygervalley (it is basically across the road from Tyger Manor) and get on with the original plan. Little did I know that my evening of swiping was far from over

As I stomped past Musica DVD, I remembered that the previous night I had been completely unable to get the name of the latest movie from the guys of Shaun of the Dead into my head during a conversation with Chantelle regarding movies that I had enjoyed. Well, obviously it would be on DVD, so what better than to quickly pop into Musica DVD and look it up. Hot Fuzz was the answer, obviously, and I quickly made my way back out towards the exit only to be stopped dead in my tracks by a copy of Naruto: Ultimate Ninja with the crazy price of R99 boldly displayed in red. Damn, I thoroughly enjoy Naruto, I’ve played the game as Merkaba has a copy of it… damn, I have to get it.

So I did.

Okay, no problem, lets get back on track. Mr Price was next, and I quickly grabbed the Tees I wanted, swiped the card and left. However, as I was paying for the tees, I got a phone call from Chantelle. We had a nice chat and while we were talking, I kind of drifted into Paperweight. As I strolled around the shop, happily chatting with Chantelle, my eye kind of glanced at the bottom shelf where the novels are usually kept. Surprise surprise, a few scattered manga novels were just lying there. Just lying there I tell you! R39 a piece? I could hardly pass that up and before I knew it, I had scooped up an issue of xxxHolic and two Tsubasas, both from the legendary CLAMP group. *sigh* I took out the old debit card and swiped again.

From there I popped into Computer Mania (with shuttered eyes), headed directly to the CDs, picked up the desired box and left. I decided to skip Pick n Pay and get out, before I was tempted into buying anything else.

I did eventually safely get out, but not before browsing CNA, Musica and CD Select. Thank goodness I had firmly pinned my wallet to the back of my jeans in fear of whipping it out again!

Did I mention I don’t like shopping?

Naruto   Ultimate Ninja 20071009 Tsubasa 4 20071009 Tsubasa 5 20071009