Discovery Health 20071009Bloody Hell! We just got the mail detailing the new costs for 2008’s medical aid, and boy is it nasty. UCT pushes all staff through Discovery Health and damn, it is flippin’ expensive.

Here’s a breakdown of what I will be paying per month:

Health Plan Option: Coastal Saver
Risk Contribution: R658
MSA: R219
Vitality: R92
Total Contribution: R969

R969!! Fuck it, that is a lot of cash to be paying for something I don’t use! :( I hate going to doctors, clinics or hospitals and the only time you’ll ever catch me in one if I’m literally half dead. I don’t take medicine and the only thing I ever spend my MSA on is contact lenses. I’m losing almost R12000 a year!

Damn it!

On the other hand, a person really should have medical aid, just in case, god forbid, something really, really goes wrong. I’ve been hospitalized thanks to car accidents before, and you have to have medical aid in cases like that.

Guess all I can do is bitch and moan, but in the end, like every sucker in the country, I’ll just have to pay through my nose for a system that really a government should be implementing on a social responsibility level anyway.

Stupid medical aid companies…