I’ve never really believed in coincidence throughout my life, instead, attributing coincidence to a higher power above – which makes faith all the more easy to accept and understand (after all, we humans generally need proof to believe in anything. How many times have you burnt yourself testing out if something is hot, just to make sure the packaging isn’t lying to you?)

Anyway, this quickfire blog post is not about to get philosophical at this point. I merely wanted to point out how lucky a guy I am in the greater scheme of things.

I’ve been blessed with a really easy life thus far, anything I need generally comes my way some way or another and I’ve never really been left wanting. I accept my lot in life and make do with what comes my way, and this is pretty evident for all to see. Things are seldom bad in my life.

Nuts… I’m drifting off topic again, aren’t I?

Focus. Focus. Concentrate.

Okay. I’ve been thinking this week of getting more work on my plate through jobs outside of UCT (I feel like earning some more cash and taking on a few more challenging jobs for a change if you must know). I was toying with the idea of asking my brother if their company was looking to hire the services of a part time programmer, after hearing that they were looking to hire new staff the other day.

Note that this idea came into my head yesterday and I haven’t had a chance to communicate it with anyone yet.

And what do you know. Surprise, surprise I’ve just got off the telephone with the guy I used to work under/with here at Commerce IT a couple of years ago He wants to know if I’m looking for work. His company is taking on too many projects and he needs some coding help.

Damn! No matter what you say, there is no such thing as coincidence. That is planned. I can’t help but think that there is definitely someone, somewhere watching out for me.

Its a semi-charmed kind of life after all :)

coincidence cartoon shrink with mrs bixby suggestive