CandlesYesterday marked the fourth month that I’ve been going out with Chantelle. A small, stupid number and an insignificant event perhaps, but the perfect opportunity to use as cause for a celebration. Besides, if one doesnt turn the small things into cause for celebration, then you certainly wont be celebrating all that much during your life time, now would you? ;)

She decided to come visit me last night (quite out of the blue), but luckily decided at the last moment to let me know that she was going to come through instead of surprising me as was her original intention.


So I skipped gym, went off to the shops and bought flowers, Toblerone chocolates and milk tart. Back home I put the wine on ice, laid out the candles and put out her welcoming gift on the bed. I also whirled around the flat, tidying up, doing the dishes and even finished the ironing off. Perfect stuff if I say so myself :)

She arrived a little later than expected, but I already had the music playing in the background so it was all good. And I knew that my preparations werent for naught by her reaction when she came into the flat.

Exactly what I wanted to achieve! :D

From there we settled into a nice stay at home evening, the first that weve spent together for a very, very long time. A large club pizza from Debonairs for supper, the mattress on the lounge floor and a DVD for entertainment made for the perfect night in.

Well, it would have been perfect if I didnt knock over the glass or pick such a crappy DVD (it was my movie choice this time around. At all costs, please avoid DOA don’t give the production studio any of your money unless you absolutely have to or are family of theirs!)

Thank goodness Chantelle was on hand to pick up the rest of the evening with some decadent Hagen Daaz ice cream, a Sweetie Pie and some cupcakes. She knows exactly the way to my heart! (and no, the answer is not directly through the ribcage to all you funny people out there)

Thanks Chantelle for the great evening, and thank you even more for becoming such a huge part of my life in such a short period of time. Love ya babe!

P.S. I feel terrible today. I went to bed too late, I woke up too early thanks to a stupid Black Lagoon (the anime) inspired dream sequence (don’t ask), I had to stand all the way to work (which means no sleep) and had to skip cereal for breakfast thanks to the fact that I forgot to buy milk yesterday. And the milktart I had as a replacement breakfast before leaving the flat is not doing so well in my stomach. Ugh. Remind me next time to skip the sweet stuff for breakfast!

P.P.S Not that I mind feeling terrible at work of course. As long as I’m all good by home time then it is perfectly fine by me!