Shame, I had to laugh this morning at my liefie. (Which of course led to this humorous entry, which I know will cost me later).

Chantelle has today off and as such is staying over at my place for the duration of the day, meaning that I need leave the flats single access gate remote with her instead of taking it with me as I always do. I have no problem in doing that; the only inconvenience to her is that she has to get out of bed to open the gate for me when I leave for work in the morning.

So I wake up nice and early, get myself ready, say the good byes and head off down the stairs (using the stairs to and from the 7th floor is good exercise I find) towards my car. I jump in, wave goodbye to her on the 7th floor and drive to the gate.

And I wait.

And I wait some more.

No problem, Ill give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe this side gate isnt functioning properly this morning. I put my car in gear, do a turn and head on over to the other gate.

And there I wait.

And I wait some more.

So I got out the car and looked skywards to see Chantelle gesturing that the remote doesnt seem to want to work. Now that cant be the case, because I know the remote works. Jumping back into my car, I reverse back to the stairs and proceed to quickly run up the stairs to join her on the 7th floor.

Taking the remote from her hands, I push the top button and wait for it the gate slides open. Right. Walking across towards the other gate with her, I put the remote in her hands and tell her to press. Nothing. I take the remote and press. The gate opens.

At this stage I’m grinning like a madman already. Explaining carefully to press firmly and which button works for which gate, I give her the remote once again and tell her to practice. The gate slides open, and deciding to seize this opportunity while she seems to have grasped the skill, I hurried back down the stairs, jumped into the car and exited the complex.

As much as I love her, perhaps I should get her this book: (or she should get shorter nails)

Remote Controls for Dummies

Note that this entry, although true, is entirely satirical in nature. I do however expect to pay heavily for this one at a later stage though :)