PresentI always say that I’m an easygoing guy, not too much bothers me or rattles my cage for that matter. However if I really am truly honest with myself, then there IS in fact quite a few things that do manage to get my goat.

Like expected gifts.

There is nothing more annoying to me than someone that expects a gift. Gifts are given because the person giving the gift wants to give something. When one is forced to give a gift then it is no wonder that they resent giving it. If I don’t want to give you a present then I wont, simple as that.

A prime example of this currently in my life is this damn fake day invented by some marketing schlebs know as Bosses Day that is coming up Tuesday 16 October.

I mean cmon, who honestly likes their boss (at least in the corporate environment) that much that they want to give them a gift? I know that I don’t want to give Kyle anything. For what? Its not like he is my friend or anything. The mans mannerisms annoy me for goodness sake! Not that my grumbling matters much. Kyle has demanded he get something from us on Tuesday, the other losers have capitulated, meaning that my wallet is now R57 lighter, contributing to gift that I don’t want to give in the first place. *Hrmph* Give my goat back!

A further extension of the Expected Gifts syndrome is the I Expect This Gift syndrome, which in my opinion is even worse than an expected gift case. Not only does the receiver expect to get a gift from you, they expect to get exactly what they ask for. I know of parents that tell their kids exactly what they want for Christmas or their birthdays!

The other horrible example of this is wedding (gift) registries. I hate them. I know they make life easier for the married couple, but I refuse to buy off them out of the principle itself. Nothing annoys me more than being told what to buy for someone. (Okay fine, I hate being told what to do by anyone in general, but being told what to buy for a person is more annoying. Obviously I’m not talking about instances when you ask a person for advice, just in case you are looking to pick an argument with me)

Ill wrap this up by reiterating what I said earlier. A gift is not to be expected. A gift is the act of one selflessly giving to another because they WANT to. Not because they have to. And if you get a present, accept it graciously and thank the giver vigorously, no matter how lousy the gift may be to you.

The real present is (unfortunately) in the giving and not in the gift itself.