generic car batteryOh dear. Like I mentioned earlier, my car had failed to start over at Gordon’s Bay on Sunday evening. I think this is the first time it has given me any real hassles in the three or four years I’ve had it, so it was a little unexpected. We jumpstarted it from Chantelle’s Getz without too many difficulties and it drove home just fine. I watched the rugby at my Pop’s place later the evening, and it started just fine after that, so I went home without too much concern in my mind.

Obviously I know nothing about cars, and it was indeed as dead as a doornail this morning when I tried to leave for work. I went back up to the flat, waited an hour or two and then got Ryan to come over and give me a hand. We tried jumping the car from Ryan’s battery, but to absolutely no avail. So we popped Ryan’s battery out and put it in my car – which then started first time.


In we hopped and drove over to Battery Centre where I bought the biggest battery I could find with the longest warranty (a painful R900 compared to the cheaper stuff that you can get) and had them fit it in for me.

Turns out the old battery that was in my car (it came with the car when I bought it and really was as dead as a doornail according to the voltage tester) was actually too small for my car in any event, something that was quite apparent whenever I used to turn the aircon on. This new battery works like a charm though, so at least some good came out of my small fortune spent this morning.

P.S. The guys at the office think I’m crazy for having paid so much – but they’re all bargain hunters anyway :P