PallantidesHalf day Friday is here again!!

Except, that is what the mood should have been like if I wasnt currently inflicted with some rather strange symptoms of what I can only imagine to be the work of some or other virus. It first happened on Thursday night, just after Cs delicious supper when all of a sudden a major fatigue struck me and drained all my energy, rendering me so sleepy that if I didnt go straight to bed I would have collapsed right there and then.

Friday at work was no better, with my energy only lasting until around 11am. I made it home safely and went straight to bed, getting a couple of hours sleep just to be on the safe side. The rest of the afternoon was whiled away by Yakuza, which I eventually clocked and must say enjoyed every minute of it. Was an awesomely well put together game – I haven’t come across such a solid, complete storyline in a game for ages!

The night was made all the more pleasant when Chantelle joined me later in the evening, even if it was only because she had accidentally forgotten her cellphone at my flat in the morning – she says it wasnt on purpose, but I wonder :P

We enjoyed a nice,chilled evening for a change, with it culminating in the viewing of SABC 3s late night movie, Body of Evidence, a film which Chantelle is quite a fan of and demanded that I see. Was okay I guess, just wish the damn thing had been on earlier in the evening – right at the end I once again felt that familiar drowsiness descend upon me and I had to scramble to bed to make it in time. Man did I sleep like a log that night!

Because C worked the whole of this weekend, she needed to be out pretty early Saturday morning. The alarms were set, successfully went off, but no stirring from her whatsoever. I eventually had to butt in to get her out of bed! She made it to work on time (probably) and I set out to meet up with Ryan and go through to the figurine store I mentioned the other day. While Ryan remained strong, I walked out with an awesome Pallantides of the Black Dragons figure (another from the Conan line), but I have vowed not to go there again for a while. Its too dangerous a place for the likes of me :)

After that we buggered off to Game to go and enquire about my DVD system that has now been in for repairs for four weeks. The news? Well, the lady was kind enough to inform me that no work has been done yet as the people wont touch it until they receive the full unit (i.e. speakers, remote, the lot!). Gee whiz, thanks for letting me know assholes! After giving the lady a piece of my mind I stomped off.

I couldnt hold out much longer, so I dropped Ryan off, went home and got straight into bed. Again I passed out for a couple of hours. From there on in, the rest of Saturday was pretty much spent in the pattern of doing some work, playing games and taking a nap – in no particular order. Very frustrating as you can well imagine! At least the evening was a bit better with me watching the English beat the French in the first rugby semi-final over at Pops place.

Sunday morning saw me rise bright and early and get to work, putting a lot of time into my Avp0 virus cleanup application that Luigi had requested from me on Friday. I was so into my programming that if Ryan didnt phone me to remind me about our meeting I might very well have worked right through the day! In any event, I scrambled to get everything together, dropped my old PC off at Ryan, and headed out to Game with a big box loaded with all the speakers and goodies from my DVD system. Hopefully this time theyll pull their socks up and repair my system!

The afternoon saw me drive out to Gordons Bay and have a wonderful afternoon out with Chantelle. We had a delicious lunch at Tallas Tavern and then spent a large chunk of the evening back at the guesthouse where we watched Idols and had drinks with Louise, the owner. Eventually it got dark and time for me to head off home, only to be stopped in my tracks by a flat battery on my car. Thank goodness I always carry jumper cables in the boot, and Chantelle was kind enough to give me a bit of a kick start in order to get away.

Late night was obviously dominated by the South Africa versus Argentina RWC semi-final clash, with me again bothering my pops to watch it at his place. Lots of snacks and cheering later, and I can safely report that weve made it to the final. Go bokke!!

So yeah, a so-so weekend I guess, with plenty of ups and downs, but I seem to have conquered that fatigue bug that plagued me at last, so hopefully I am A-for-away for this upcoming week :)

Oh yes, I also put down the payment for Chantelle and my getaway on the weekend of the 16th November at Boulders Guesthouse and Spa, right in the heart of Oudtshoorn. It’s going to be awesome!