Fifa 08My buddy Merkaba has just purchased himself a bright and shiny new XBOX 360, meaning I got the opportunity to lighten his PS2 load just a little. First up, his recently purchased FIFA 08 – and seeing as he might as well deliver my purchase, we organized Thursday evening for our usual little FIFA kick about.

Just like last time, he and I spent more time chatting that playing, catching up on everything geeky from gaming to Ubuntu. We were eventually spurred into action by a phone call from Ryan, asking to join us as he was on his way back from badminton.

FIFA 08 is a lot tougher to score in that its predecessors, meaning Merkaba and I proved to be pretty even, with no one grabbing the upper hand and grinding out some very low scoring games. Ryan proved to be the superior on the night, defeating both Merkaba and myself, but at least he was shown up once in the team battle when I overcame the Dynamic Duo (they won one against me too though, so I cant really claim victory I guess).

It was a pretty pleasant evening and the FIFA was good as always, but the Simba chips were definitely the winner of the evening. Seems like we can finally lay the ghost pops to rest :)