HackerFrom the United States of Assholes: The Orange County Register reports that a 19 year old from Washington state broke into the Orange County California 911 emergency system. He randomly selected the name and address of a Lake Forest, California couple and electronically transferred false information into the 911 system. The Orange County California Sheriff’s Department’s Special Weapons and Tactics Team were immediately sent to the home of a couple with two sleeping toddlers. The SWAT team handcuffed the husband and wife before deciding it was a prank. Says the article, ‘Other law enforcement agencies have seen similar breaches into their 911 systems as part of a trend picked up by computer hackers in the nation called SWATting

I mean what the hell?!? I understand pranks, but to pull something this big for fun or cred or whatever else the moron was after, is just plain idiotic. Wasting valuable resources that could have been put to better use and this idiot thinks it is funny. Its all a joke, a form of entertainment. He is the very embodiment of what is wrong with todays youth as far as I am concerned. Punish him hard I say!


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