BoneThere’s a reason I dislike grocery shopping on a Monday night, or any other week night for that matter. You see, the problem is that I enjoy going to gym straight after work, which doesn’t leave me all that big a time frame for shopping right after my training session. The most convenient grocery shop, Pick ‘n Pay, is located in Tygervalley, which is literally right across the road and therefore, my target destination of choice. But therein lies the catch: Tygervalley is well, Tygervalley.

A mall that just happens to contain a lot of interesting shops that I can’t help but browse in search of that ever elusive special deal on any one of my hobbies – which means I tend to take MUCH longer at Tygervalley than what I initially intended to and also means that I usually walk out clutching a brown paper bag to my chest and grinning like an idiot. As much as the onlookers must enjoy this passing spectacle, my wallet on the other hand doesn’t. Thank goodness I keep a tight rein on my spending budget or else I would be in big trouble! :)

Last night was no exception I might add. Before hitting Pick ‘n Pay for my intended purchases, I first made sure to check out CNA, Musica, BT Games and Paperweight, striking gold at my last stop and picking up Scholastic’s full colour reprint of volume one of the award-winning Jeff Smith’s Bone graphic novel collection (for a measly R50!). Check out the related link for more information about this thoroughly entertaining series that I first encountered back when I was still actively collecting comic books.

My trip was lengthened even further by bumping into everyone else’s friends but my own. First up was Adam and his fiance (Ryan’s buddy) and then Carla (Claire’s pal). In fact, I even spotted an old high school teacher, Mr Price on the way in as well!

Just in case you were wondering: I did eventually make it to Pick ‘n Pay and managed to get everything bought and paid for before it closed its doors at 19:00, but it was a pretty close call.

Though I did forget to buy the coffee.

Crap… and the toilet paper! (and yes that shitty pun was indeed intended) :)

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