Burnout RevengeAt last my delivery of Burnout Revenge has finally arrived! I’ve been waiting weeks for it after ordering it from Take 2, together with a copy of Eyeshield 21 #2. The problem crept in when the supplier ran out of copies for my Eyeshield 21 request, meaning that it was forced to go onto backorder. Take 2 finally decided to let me know that this is the case, but as a solution offered to deliver my Burnout (which had been with them for a couple of weeks already) and then deliver Eyeshield 21 later when it eventually arrives (at no extra cost to me).

I cant wait to get home and give this one a spin, particularly after having enjoyed Burnout 3: Takedown so much (Yes, I know I’m behind the times and that Dominator is the current Burnout gracing our shelves, but hey, I never said I play the latest greatest games only the ones I can grab for a good price :P).

However, to do that, I’m going to have to pry the Final Fantasy X-2 disc out of my PS2 console, and I’m not quite sure I can manage that. I’ve always loved the Final Fantasy series and no matter what other people say about it, even Final Fantasy X-2 has me hooked. So much so that I’ve put in over 11 hours into it already and its literally stealing my sleeping hours from me I just cant put the damn thing down!

I love it when a game grabs your attention and reels you in like this games are meant to be enjoyable and not torturous, which explains perfectly why I still haven’t got around to clocking Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne after having it for probably more than a year already (This is particularly surprising because, by nature, I am a completist when it comes to games. I make sure that I clock all my games, no matter how stupid or hard they may be! Completely unlike Merkaba of course :P).

Though I get a feeling I’m not going to have much of a say in this matter anyway, seeing as Chantelle is staying over this evening. She absolutely loved Burnout 3, meaning that I’m in real mortal danger of not being able to hold my controller for a while until shes finished with this new one! :(

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