SAPSA particularly nasty email regarding child muti murders (with some particularly gruesome piccies attached) was making its rounds this week – I’ve heard about it and Chantelle apparently forwarded it to me (thank goodness it got blocked somewhere along the line because I still haven’t received it). In any event, if you have seen the mail, the police have come out claiming that this is in fact a hoax email (which actually is not all that surprising I guess).

However, be it as it may, muti murders do unfortunately exist within our society, which is a particularly difficult concept to struggle with when one thinks that we are a civilised first-world population living in the 21st century already. I guess dispelling this kind of thinking from the unwashed masses may just take another couple of 100 years then :(

Just so that you can see the police’s statement (Swiped off IOL’s site):

Decapitation e-mail ‘a hoax’
25/10/2007 07:20 – – (SA)

Johannesburg – An e-mail containing a photograph of a decapitated body of a boy and urging people to contact the police child protection unit is a hoax, police said on Wednesday.

“The latest hoax e-mail contains disturbing photographs of the body of an unknown decapitated boy,” said the SAPS. The e-mail then apparently urges people to add their name to a list and submit it to police. However police said the email address it is meant to be sent to – – does not exist.

The SAPS said it had no involvement in the compilation or distribution of hoax e-mails.

Hoax e-mails about the closure of child protection units, kidnappings, rapes and HIV/Aids have been circulating since 1995. “The main and only aspect which has changed over the years, is the severity of the false information,” said SAPS.

The SAPS urged people not to forward this e-mails to family, friends or police. “This results in a waste of valuable time which could be utilized to attend to serious and urgent matters.”

The police said the protection of children remained a priority in its service.