NandosHmm, so I didnt get to test drive my new Burnout Revenge as I had originally planned last night not that it matters though, because the disc got enough game time as it is: When I arrived at Moms place to pick it up, Ryan hastily pushed the game into my hands and begged me to take it away. The demon game had sucked him in and he was completely helpless against its addictiveness, which is a bad thing now as he is slap bang in the middle of his UNISA exams.

I skipped gym because my knee was a little iffy, and instead went home, keen to try out this new purchase of mine unfortunately I literally had the time to pour a drink, switch on the PS2 and sit down when the front door opened and C made her grand appearance. Losing control of the television, I immediately set about looking for another form of entertainment, eventually settling on swiping at the damn pigeons on my balcony with a broomstick. Currently the score is Pigeons 22 Craig 0.

After her show had finished we made our way through to her parents place in order to convince her mom to do her washing for her (she was successful) and from there we stepped out and did a little late night shopping, eventually finding what we were looking for on the third try. Which brings me to the point of todays little ramble: supper.

I love Nando’s advertising campaigns, always edgy and always brilliantly funny. The latest batch of Try something new ads are just as classic I mean, who doesnt love the ad about the guy attaching the jumper cables to his nipples! The ad worked and we decided that Nando’s was to be the food of choice for the evening. Now both C and I are not Nandos aficionados, with neither of us really having eaten there before. And after last nights food I can definitely see why!

We both settled on their Chicken Prego, but damn, that must have been the blandest tasting food I’ve had in a very long time. Devoid of all taste, minimally garnished, it felt like a McDonalds meal would have given me more pleasure! Even the crappy movie we were chilling out to was giving me more pleasure than the food :(

Really, really difficult to recommend I’m afraid, and because first impressions count, we probably wont be going back there anytime soon.

Unfortunately, our choice of dessert wasnt much better KFCs chocolate brownie avalanches sound like a good idea, but do you have any idea just how unpleasant large chunks of brownie in your ice-cream actually is?