Day of the DeadYesterday was Cs day off (because she gets the wonderful opportunity to work the whole weekend this weekend) and as per usual she probably spent the day wallowing about Bellville, doing things that women do I guess (probably involves shopping, tea/coffee and patting little kittens I don’t really know all that much about this secretive world). The afternoon was particularly pleasant because it marked the first time my bokkie came up to UCT during the day to pay me a quick visit. Well, actually she had come through to help Retha prepare for her presentation later the day, but I’m going to stick to my story of her coming through to visit me :)

Retha is one of the head honchos of the Spanish Society here at UCT and yesterday saw her having to do a lecture/presentation for the members. By the look of it, Retha spent hours on her presentation, even making an effort to prepare authentic breads and sweets for the occasion. Her topic of choice was Mexico and its Day of the Dead celebration and we were treated to an hour long insightful journey into the heart of rural Mexico, together with its tapestry of rich traditions and legends.

The point of this post however is not so much as what we did, but rather how it was done. It is so nice to hear people talk about a topic that they are passionate about, because that is something which is severely lacking in my life. Retha stayed and taught in English in Mexico for a while, and really fell in love with the country and that came through strongly in her talk. It is such a pleasure to hear a person speak so sincerely and intently about something they care for, and I cant help but turn my full attention to what is being said. And I’m so jealous too. Like when C talks about her cooking or Karl talks about his music, I cant help but feel sad at myself for not being able to ever really be passionate about something.

It is as if I merely tolerate or enjoy experiences and things in life but I seldom if ever feel passionate about them. It is as if the ability not to rationalise, ponder or think around something and simply just love it is just not there. And it is a shame, because I feel that I am missing out when I see someone talk about something and their eyes are shining as bright as the sun. I also want to experience that, and feel so passionate about something that all reason is tossed out the window.

Or is this an impossible request for someone who is as true a Taurus as they come?

P.S. At least we made up for the previous evenings bland Nandos experience. It might be old, boring and decidedly un-hip, but at least the Spur still delivers the goods, exactly as what you would expect from them.