I just had to post this cartoon from one of my favourite online comic strips, PhD Comics, best known for providing global up-to-the-minute procrastination. It has captured the spirit of university lecture attendance perfectly, and I dare any fellow university attendees (current or past) to disagree! –

It is a proven fact that the more learning materials a lecturer provides for their classes, the less people actually bother attending them. Usually the young, fresh lecturers fall into this trap, generating tons of materials, specifically online materials, only to scratch their heads in puzzlement over the dropping attendance rate and subsequent lower rating they receive from their peers. More experienced lecturers make a point of providing you with as little as possible materials, thereby forcing you into the lecture theatre to at least just copy their damn slides down. Of course the more sadistic lecturers take absolute delight in leaving their slides up for as short a period as possible! I remember hating those guys! (Actually, the Maths lecturers were the worst of the lot. They used to scribble on the board, meaning you needed to first translate their scribbles and then hurriedly copy them down before the board got wiped for the next set of scribbles!)

And then of course the extremely senior lecturers turn this theory around on it head, by pinching as much material from their TAs and other lecturers as possible, making it freely available to students and then sit back and take leisurely time off as the students fail to pitch up for lectures! And who says you cant teach an old dog new tricks?

PhD Comic

As always, click on the image above to view the cartoon in all its glory!

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