School Rumble Ichigakki HoshuThe first season of School Rumble ended off on a fairly satisfying note, but viewer demand was so high that a sequel just had to be made. And to fill the gap between the two seasons, we got School Rumble: Ichigakki Hoshu. – (I suggest you first read post {0326} before reading the rest of this one for it to make more sense.)

This two-part OVA is a series of shorts in relation to the School Rumble series. It fills in gaps with new content between episodes from beginning to nearly the end of the first season, and is therefore really only best appreciated by fans. Seeing as the material was probably produced during the first season of the anime anyway, the animation for this OVA is exactly the same as that used in the television series, utilising the same character models, complete with all the exaggerated facial expressions and super-deformed poses that help to enforce so much of the humour in this show. Exactly the same goes for the voice-acting and soundtrack, with School Rumbles bright and energetic opening track reprising its role in this OVA incarnation.

If you are familiar with the first season then youll immediately grasp the chronological placing of all the shorts and take tremendous pleasure out of all the little extra info they provide. Because the OVA is made up of all the filler shorts, means that this time around the show focuses entirely on humour and all the lovey dovey romance that characterised the final parts of the first season are left well behind.

As always, School Rumble is good for quite a lot of laughs and is well worth picking up if you are a fan of the series. All your favourite characters are back and funnier than ever! But be warned, people who haven’t seen the first season are definitely going to be lost on this one.

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