Bryan HabanaWhat is it with us South Africans who seem to enjoy running onto the sporting field so much? If were not tackling the ref then were trying to steal the cup!

That is exactly what happened yesterday during the Springboks Cape Town leg of the celebrations, as they toured through Cape Town before eventually moving to Newlands stadium to show off the golden RWC Trophy in all its glory (with its base for a change). In front of a 50 000 plus crowd, drink had to get the upper hand on at least one supporter and this unfortunate yob then decided to jump the fence and make a grab at the trophy.

Unfortunately for him, it happened to be with the ever popular Bryan Habana and ever alert, Bryan summed up the situation in a flash and made a spectacular textbook tackle on the hapless drunkard.

Which had to hurt I imagine.

Needless to say he was escorted from the grounds and the team went on with their celebrations. Viva the Bokke! :)

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