Now I am ready for summer that is almost upon us. I’ve been a little lazy in the self-grooming department as of late, with the disastrous results of growing a perfectly good afro that people like to point and laugh at.

After having my bokkie mention it one too many times and the fact that I could use little pink ribbons in my hair to keep it neat and tidy, I made an appointment for a haircut at my local hairdresser (not that I know why they are called that I’ve never had my hair dressed by them before as far as I can remember) last night.

I went in, got my haircut and made it out all in one piece, apart from the nick on my neck that the lady gave me with a razor blade – thank goodness I didnt ask for a shave!

In any event, thanks to the magical process outlined below, my head now feels as light as a fairy cupcake, and I seriously hope that isnt because all this heat is making my brain shrivel up. So come on summer, I’m ready for you now!

craig lotter in need of a haircut
plus symbol
pair of scissors
equals sign
craig lotter after much needed haircut

Now if only I could get my arse into gear and shave as well I’m beginning to look like one of those Survivor contestants the male ones, not the female ones in case you were thinking of making a funny comment regarding leg hair. Russian women like it, so there! :P