AnimaxSo like I mentioned before, November the 3rd is going to be quite a big day for all South African anime fans that are hooked up with DSTV. By now you would have heard of the Animax channel launch thanks to Multichoices fairly aggressive marketing campaign, but man is it ever worth it.

Multichoice is pushing it at the 15 to 29 years old demographic and bills it as an exciting alternative to traditional television. The great thing about Animax is of course that it is already firmly established internationally, already airing in 38 countries across 11 languages and is said to be beaming into at least 36 million homes.

And thanks to the latest DISH TV guide from DSTV, I am now quite happy in the knowledge that Animax isnt going to try and push the low-budget, crappy anime on us. No sir, it is going to be carrying some of the best shows around, straddling both past and present and providing a very well balanced selection between all the genres currently available to a viewer. From romance, comedy to sci-fi and horror, Animax looks to have us covered! :)

For those who are interested in what they are showing and don’t feel like trawling through the DISH mag, heres a list of what is going to be airing (I’ve even added my seal of recommendation behind the titles I think you shouldnt miss).

– .hack//Legend of the Twilight
– .hack//SIGN (Recommended)
– Basilisk (Recommended)
– Earth Girl Arjuna (Highly Recommended)
– Eureka Seven
– Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (Highly Recommended)
– Gundam SEED
– Hellsing (Recommended)
– Last Exile (Highly Recommended)
– Love Hina (Recommended)
– Magister Negi Magi – Negima
– Najica
– Rune Soldier
– Samurai 7 (Highly Recommended)
– School Rumble (Recommended)
– Scrapped Princess (Recommended)
– SoltyRei (aka Solty Rei)
– Speed Grapher
– Tenjo Tenge
– Trinity Blood

So anime fans in South Africa, rejoice: anime is about to hit the mainstream hard!