BadmintonLast night saw my return to the badminton court, the first time in months that I’ve played any court sport since injuring my knee in what now feels like ages ago. I came to the game sporting my brand new, bright blue knee brace, but as Chantelle and I had suspected, it did prove to be a little too large to provide the correct support I needed from it.

In any event, I took the evening pretty tentatively as it was, and was pleasantly surprised that although my timing was out, it wasn’t all that bad and I could still pull out a pretty decent array of sneaky shots – If you’ve got it, then you’ve got it :)

We didn’t play all that long, probably around two hours I guess, but because it was only five of us, I managed to stay on the court for the whole duration of the evening. In fact, I think I only lost one game the whole night, which is always a nice bonus, even on a social level when your opponents just happen to be mostly family.

Like I said, I played fairly tentatively, and didn’t chase down too many shots, but towards the end of the evening my knee was definitely getting tired and I felt a slight tweak close to the end of the last game for the evening. Guess I’ll be going back to the shop for a smaller knee brace then, because I definitely want to start getting back into my real-world gaming as soon as possible.

Whew, I must say though, I was sweating like a pig by the end of the night – my body really isn’t used to all the twisting and moving necessary for a racquet sport. Plus, I now have the uncomfortable proposition of sitting with a stiff back and a tight butt muscle for the rest of today at work :(

I want a massage!