TechnogymSo I was a bit annoyed by the fact that my plans to gym all weekend long were a bit dashed by the fact that the gym was actually closed last weekend, for, as they put it, …essential upgrade purposes’.

Actually, I kind of liked their posters, the tagline of which read: …Shut Happens’.

Turns out they weren’t kidding when they mentioned an upgrade. Last year (or the year before, my memory is a little hazy on the details), Virgin Active upgraded all their cardiovascular machines, i.e. all the bikes, treadmills and orbital joggers were replaced. This time around it was the weight machines’ turn to shine, and boy oh boy have their suppliers, …Technogym’, come to the table with some fancy goods.

Virgin Active Tygervalley has been turned on its head, with some major floor swaps and a lot of equipment changes. The new weight-training machines are simply awesome. Big, black, bulky and looking straight out of a sci-fi movie, these new pieces are pretty intimidating at first – And it doesn’t help that there aren’t any usage instructions pasted to any of the machines just yet! I have quite literally sat and simply stared at some machines for minutes on end trying to figure out what to do, before getting off them in case I look like a complete idiot to someone who might actually know how to use them. So instead, I have now adopted a …watch and learn’ strategy, singling out the most unintuitive machines for my vigilant stakeouts.

But apart from this minor gripe, I really am impressed with the new hardware, and it certainly is a nice new motivating factor to get my butt into gear and back into the gym more often. Summer is here and there is still a lot of work to be done before I can hit the beach in all my glory! :)