GeolocationAs we progress forwards in time, the amount of information our scientists and engineers can present to us increases in leaps and bounds and I think that this is the mark of the future – we will eventually reach a point where everything is measured and monitored and we are a close to knowing about everything as what we possible can be.

Which brings me to this nifty little feature that gives me in the tracking of my blog’s usage: Gelocation. Basically all visitors to the site inadvertently publish information about themselves which is collected and collated all into a neat package by for me. One of the more interesting data views they give me is that of Geolocation, literally telling me from where all the visitors to the site actually originate from.

Interestingly enough, it turns out that most of my visitors originate from the Johannesburg area with Cape Town running a close second. South African visitors come out on top, but the USA isn’t far behind.

I must admit though, I never ever suspected that Nepal even knew what the Internet is! :P

If you want to check out this groovy feature, click on the following link:

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