Man, you know your marriage is in trouble when this happens to you! :(

Straight out of the lovely Great Britain, apparently a Scottish woman has just managed to avoid a prison sentence after she admitted to the charge that she had in fact put dog poo in her husband’s curry.

Apparently their marriage had broken down and Jill Martin, 47, took this action as a revenge attack, making her husband the tainted supper and then bursting out laughing when he started to eat it. He must have felt a right turd there and then I guess.

She escaped punishment by painting a dark portrait of her life, saying that she had taken action to deal with an alcohol problem and …over a period of years felt undermined by her partner and had very low self-esteem’.

The couple had been married for 21 years, but now (not that surprisingly I guess) the divorce proceedings are under way.

garnished bowl of curry

Well, I guess it could have been worse for the hapless husband. She could have made some nice slimy worm spaghetti to go with that curry!