RooneyLast night saw Karl, Merkaba, Ryan and I finally all sit down together at my place, PS2 controller in hand and ready to kick some serious butt. The teams split saw the relatively inexperienced Karl (though he did practice all of Sunday) join me in taking on the established duo of Merkaba and Ryan. Secretly I thought there would be much bloodshed (we shouldn’t have stood a chance in hell), but much to my surprise Karl and I managed to hold our ground, losing most games by a very narrow margin (usually a goal to zero) and even managing to draw a game or two. We managed to win one on penalties, but by general consensus from our usual gaming nights, those wins hardly count (Karl doesn’t agree with us of course). –

I’m thinking the vicious foul tackles that sent their players flying might have helped our cause just a little bit. Heaven knows, but Merkaba and Ryan were quite bitterly complaining about those :)

Unfortunately Karl’s inability to shoot and my inability to make decent space cost us dearly, but at least we could console ourselves with a lot of chips and cooldrink. Funnily enough, the atmosphere was a lot more subdued than what I would have imagined it to be, so the next time we do this I’m going to have to bring an innocent kitten into play, or something just to get the guys foaming at the mouth and more ready to seriously rumble. Battle cries perhaps?

Nevertheless, we squeezed in about two hours of enjoyable football before Karl and Merkaba abandoned us, leaving Ryan and I to fend for ourselves a little longer. My bad luck (you could read poor ability if you really have to) continued and Ryan proceeded to win every game we played thereafter, right up until I kicked him out. Guess I’m going to have to practice a little more after all :)

Disappointingly, last night also happened to be Guy Fawkes night, not that you had any indication of that from the suburbs. Bellville was dead, dead, dead last night, so it looks like government’s decision to ban fireworks from the residential areas does seem to be taking stronger hold with each passing year. I am quite jealous though as Chantelle bragged about the absolutely stunning displays she was witness to over the Gordon’s Bay and Strand areas.

The only colourful explosion I was witness to was when StrawberryPops/CocoPops mixture cascaded out of the bowl this morning – it wasn’t very entertaining :(