Mr BeanSeeing as Chantelle works every second weekend, I get to look forward to every second Wednesday and Thursday evening (as a kind of mini-weekend) as Chantelle gets the Thursday off and inevitably comes to visit little ol’ me. Last night was no exception.

Thanks to all the depressing rain here in Cape Town, I gave up the desire to go to gym and went home to sneak in a few Burnout Revenge races instead. I’m progressing quite nicely in the game (but not nearly as quickly as Ryan who has now also decided to purchase the game). A little later than expected, but Chantelle did eventually arrive, forcing me to hide the controller and then shower her in kisses as punishment for being late.

Last night was chill night for a change, and Chantelle was keen on watching a comedy, more specifically, Mr. Bean’s Holiday, a movie I have seen quite a while ago at the cinema and remember absolutely canning myself at.

Mattress on the floor, Steers fast food on the plate and the DVD in the player, we settled down to watch the thoroughly entertaining Mr Bean for the evening – that said, it would appear that only I got a kick out of the movie in the end though. Chantelle complains that she’s seen too much Mr Bean to find the movie that enjoyable. Her loss as far as I’m concerned, but at least she could console herself with some yummy Aero choccie.

So while last night’s entertainment wasn’t a hit, tonight’s on the other hand should be a knockout. We’re off to Kalkbay theater to go and catch Louw Venter’s apparently hilarious and critically acclaimed one-man show, …The Best Man’s Speech’. Should be a riot :)