KarlFor any regular readers to my blog, you may very well recognise the name Karl as being the entity who I seem to relentlessly tease and beat at squash and badminton all the time. He also happens to be what I consider my closest buddy ever, so I can’t help but feel proud of him when he makes it big (like making it through all three extended versions of Lord of the Rings under the watchful eye of Patricia).

This time around it is his goat abusing research that has thrust him into the spotlight, making news in one of SA’s top newpaper publications, ‘Die Burger’ (albeit on its website, but at least it is a start).

Be warned though, the article is published in some archaic tongue know as ‘Afrikaans’, a language generally related to rural farming communities of greater Brakpan – or thereabouts. The little I could make of the article seems to indicate it has something to do with abusing goats for their wool and then knitting a jumper out of it – or something like that.

I suggest you read the article linked below and maybe even watch the video that goes with it, just to be sure that I have in fact translated it right.

Read the full article (in Afrikaans) here (It’s even got a related video too!)