Problems, problems, problems.

Shame, my poor babe has come down with an acute bout of Bronchitis, so much so that the doctor has booked her off until Wednesday, and is in fact quite worried about her, particularly because of the suddenness of the onset as well as the difficulties with breathing it is causing her. Unfortunately the backup guesthouse manager is away in Johannesburg until Sunday, meaning poor Chantelle actually has to be at work (it’s finally high season, meaning that they are fully booked!) and is currently propped up in bed, working out bills and sounding as sick as a dog. Thank goodness her staff are capable of running the place with as few orders from her as possible! In fact, Gaylord and Sophie are proving to be valuable assets to Chantelle and without them she would be in a rather sticky mess, make no mistake.

So thanks to them for all their assistance and hard work, and Chantelle, I hope you get better soon! I’m not sure how many choccies will do the trick, but if I need to buy out the whole Lindt factory, then I’ll do it for you gladly!

LCDThe other problem that cropped up this morning and is far less serious, but far more of an annoyance to me, is the fact that my bright and shiny Philips 170B4 LCD monitor seems to have given up the ghost and won’t display any picture at all. I’ve moved it from PC to PC, changed cables, reset the OSD and factory settings and still nothing! It would seem as if the monitor is currently in power saving mode and refuses to come out.

So I guess I’m going to have to lug it into work on Monday and hopefully the guys there might be able to figure out just what could be wrong with it. Of course, it is no longer covered by warranty, so if it is a serious problem them I’m going to be left out of pocket.


Problems, problems, problems.