Sugar BagOoookay. So shopping center full length mirrors don’t really lie. As you may very well know, men care about their looks almost as much as women nowadays, and I am not all that different (well, I am a little sloppy I guess, but I always take the easier route anyway).

It would seem that this year’s binging on all things crusty and sweet has taken its toll on my waistline, the effects of which have been boosted by the fact that my bum knee has sidelined me from the really active stuff like the fat-burning court sports that I so enjoy. Which only means one thing: a) I need to do more sit-ups or b) I need to alter my diet slightly.

So I’ve decided to pick c) set extra sugar aside because it seems easier than those two above. So effective from today, I am cutting out all extra snacks during the day, particularly sugar rich ones like sweets and chocolate as well as chips and pies.

I’m also going to try and actively cut back on soft drinks that I ingest, even the Coke Light which I have developed quite a taste for over the last while.

It’s going to be tough, but it has to be done. Summer and two weddings are staring me right in the eyes!