Weekend in ReviewHalf day Friday again, so never mind the fact that I didn’t meet my SAN project deadline, I still snuck out of the office early for my slightly long weekend anyway. I needed to stop by Tygervalley to purchase new contact lenses and a few other miscellaneous goods, so that was mission number one for the day. You’ll have noticed by now that I no longer mention my troubles with contact lenses on these pages anymore – that’s because I have at long last got the absolute hang of them and have finally mastered the little blighters. See, told you I would get the hang of them :) (and yes, that sentence does indeed contain a pun for those short-sighted amongst you).

From my shopping exploits onwards to my mom’s place to hand other a wad of cash to Ryan (he paid my money in for Riley’s bachelor’s party). There I swiped a bunch of frozen burger patties from – my mother and rushed off home in order to beat Ryan in reaching the Elite level in Burnout Revenge seeing as he had let slip just how close he was to beating it. I successfully managed to reach the Elite level ahead of him and fired off a SMS, gloating about my achievement before him. Thanks to Veronica Mars distracting the poor fellow, he could do naught but bask in my genius.

Early evening I cantered off to Merkaba’s place to inspect his shiny new Call of Duty 4 and PES 2008 for his Xbox 360, before abducting him and racing off to Tygervalley Ster Kinekor to catch 3:10 to Yuma. The movie wasn’t half bad, I thoroughly enjoyed Christian Bale and Russell Crowe, but in the end it just didn’t grab me as I had hoped for and left the cinema a little disappointed by the experience. Still, I haven’t seen a Western in ages, so it was a really good change of pace.

Friday night saw me initiate Part 1 of my …Sleep as much as possible before next weekend’ plan, a plan brewed up in order to dispel the fatigue that has been tagging behind me for the last week or two as well as to prepare me for Chantelle and my weekend away in Oudtshoorn next weekend (which now may be slightly in jeopardy thanks to the rather serious case of Bronchitis that struck her down on Friday – see post {0387} for more details). So 21:30 I was in bed, Manga in hand and snoring loud enough to wake the neighbours (well possibly. I can’t very well hear myself snore you know).

Saturday morning broke (eventually – I was in bed until 9:00 *grin*) and it took a turn for the worse when I discovered that my LCD monitor seems to have packed up and that Chantelle’s sickness is even worse than before (she was currently at work – thank goodness her place of work has lots of comfy beds in place). I had an appointment with Claire in the morning to go and pick out a birthday present for her because quite frankly I have no idea what my sister’s tastes are anymore. Ryan joined us and we all hopped in her mean black Polo Sport and rushed off to Tygervalley, managing to avoid picking up any speeding fines in the process. Actually she managed to pick out a nice piece of jewelry on the first try, leaving Ryan and me with enough sanity left in order to pick up a game for him and a present for Chantelle from me (normally Claire takes hours to decide on something you see).

The afternoon saw me doing some odd jobs around the flat (did you know that it is in fact possible for green mould to grow and multiply in unused corners of your refrigerator?), fighting with my monitor (again) and putting in a little Final Fantasy X-2 time for relaxation purposes. In fact, I even squeezed in a bit of blogging as well :)

Ryan joined me in the evening for some friendly competitive sports gaming, NBA 06 and FIFA 08 being the picks for the evening. The basketball was a relatively tight affair, with us drawing for the evening on one game apiece, mainly because it would seem that whoever plays with the Phoenix Suns’ Steve Nash is destined to win from the get go – the guy just doesn’t seem to miss those damn three-pointers! The rest of the evening was FIFA 08 (as always), with an estimated 8 or 9 games played. A lot of low scoring games with pretty much grinded out results, but a 3-2 win to me in the end, taking it in the grand finale thanks to a reckless red-card offence tackle from Ryan and a lucky goal right at the death of the second half of extra time! :)

Sunday saw my lazy day mode kick in, and I spent most of it either lazing around playing Final Fantasy X-2 (The damn end bosses are starting to seriously piss me off!) and doing housework – like the dreaded ironing (which is finally all done at last!). I also thoroughly enjoyed watching the Superman: Doomsday animated movie that Ryan had recommended and ended up absolutely loving it, far outclassing the 3:10 to Yuma from Friday night’s outing.

The evening saw my sick Chantelle make her way through to Bellville, her relief worker finally being able to take over the reins at the guesthouse. Sick as she was though, Chantelle still insisted on watching last night’s Idols, so we trundled off to her parents’ place for some delicious supper and singing entertainment. From there we still had one more visit in store for us, this time being my parents who decided to pop around to my place for a cup of coffee and some koeksisters.

So yup, a pretty much uneventful weekend this time around, but it is all good: next weekend’s Oudtshoorn trip is fast approaching! :)

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